Spree Commerce Development

Spree Commerce Development Company

Secure, Robust and Flexible- Spree E-Commerce Development

As the top ecommerce development company we also use spree for the development process. Spree is a 100% open source E-Commerce platform powered by the popular Ruby on Rails framework.

Why Choose Spree?

Some of the unique features of our Spree E-Commerce Development

Mobile Shopping

With the continuous increase in the number of mobile devices the optimization of E-Commerce websites for such new platforms has become an important requirement. That’s why we make our on-line stores accessible from smartphones and tablets.

Product Migration

If you need to switch to another E-Commerce platform without losing all your products, we can help you migrate your database. We support platforms such as Spree, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify etc.

Inventory Integration

Do you have a physical store and want to launch your business on the web? This is the right time. If you use Inventory Management software you are already halfway there. We can integrate your software into our e-commerce solution without changing your workflow.

Custom Web Design

Thinking of something beyond the available templates? Custom web design from Carmatec will help you achieve it.

Web Development

By using the right tools and a workflow focused on stability, maintainability and performance, we make sure our work always delivers the value it should. From building custom applications for your E-Commerce website, to testing and maintenance we do everything to make you ahead of your competition.

Online Marketing

Building an E-Commerce website is not enough. You need to market it too so that you can reach your prospective client. We can help you reach your potential customers and bring value to your brand through effective marketing campaigns. Some of our offerings are PPC Management, SEO, Social Media Management and, Email Marketing.