5 Digital marketing trends for 2016

August 9, 2016

Here are some of the digital marketing trends that are prevailing and expected to prevail this year. We envision that prioritizing these in your digital plan for this year and the next will reap measurable benefits for your digital marketing success.

  1. Content marketing & remarketing

Content marketing is predicted to expand further and adapt to new marketing channels and new SEO rules in 2016. Using visually appealing and engaging content in a storytelling style that incorporates videos and pictures, is a good bet for your content marketing success. Context aware and intuitive content will prevail in this year, taking personalization to the next level with real-time marketing. Emphasis will be placed on strategic remarketing of the content that has already paid off with campaigns designed to capture the audience that has already visited your website. This will help an instant brand-recall in the mind of the audience.

  1. Device Optimization of campaigns

Mobile traffic is taking over desktops in many countries and mobile has become the preferred device for email viewing and marketing research all over. 2016 will be the year to optimize your digital marketing campaigns according to the popular devices. The trend can be even inclined towards creating specific campaign versions for mobile devices. These would be customized to hide elements making them shorter and easier to navigate to fit these devices. Apart from the content, the timing of the campaign would also consider the mobile usage timing of the audience. With the growing interest in wearable tech, mobile and desktops do not remain the only devices to be targeted. So, the campaigns will be designed taking care of the customer experience for these devices as well.

  1. Automated campaigns

Email marketers will tend to focus on efficient automation of their campaigns using the automation tools. These tools help automate the process of taking a prospect on a personalized journey in a logical flow from getting interested up to becoming a satisfied and sometimes, a repeat customer.

Not only the automation but a real-time tracking of the engagement level is also possible using the automation tools that enable tailoring the messages and flow of the campaign based on their interest level with the aim to convert them. Knowing which messages they open and click helps a great deal to take them further in the sales cycle. So, automating the campaigns will be a hot trend in 2016.

  1. Personalized approach

Regardless of how progressive the technology gets; your customers still want to be treated as humans. So, 2016 will be very much the year to give a personal touch to your digital campaigns. Every customer is different and expects to be treated differently. This can be arrived at by implementing more advanced and dynamic ways of personalizing your digital campaigns. You can learn about their interests to trigger tailored to their interests. This helps you nurture their bond with your brand basing it on something they feel excited about.

  1. Social media ads

The latest marketing trends indicate that social media ads is likely to take over the other methods of advertising in near future. Owing to the deep impression that social media has made on today’s society and our lives, it becomes an ideal medium for marketing of products. The upcoming strategies in social media marketing will pose a serious competition for search engines and other media of advertising for ecommerce as well as marketing research share. With Facebook turning towards efficient search engine capabilities, the businesses will be better equipped to interact with the customers using Facebook messenger. This will be an effective medium where the users could buy products using the messenger app, get notified and share with their friends.