Why Startups Need Good Cloud Consulting Partners

July 15, 2016

Cloud architecture is by far, one of the most sought-after skills in the arena of Information Technology. No wonder why, in this day and age, having its cloud infrastructure well in place is a pressing need for any enterprise. The start-ups, often in a capital crunch, are particularly affected by the rising cost of labor skilled in this area. But it can prove even heavier on the pockets of any organization, especially the start-ups, to have a poorly implemented cloud migration. It goes without saying that this can only result from lack of expertise in cloud architecture. Hence, the need for an expert cloud consulting partner for all enterprises, specially, the start-ups.

Updates and growing complexity of cloud solutions

Most of the IT professionals would cite the key reasons behind a poorly implemented cloud migration as an insufficient understanding of the security and compliance issues or a general lack of background work and planning before going over the cloud. As a matter of fact, the major cloud providers regularly upgrade their offerings which adds to the complexity and availability of newer options. Understanding the nuances of cloud infrastructure, in such a scenario, can only be an expert’s cup of tea.

Need for customization

Different cloud solutions available in the market have their own set of merits and demerits. Some may be convenient to use while the others would be better at justifying the scalability and compliance needs of an organization. Based on all these factors, designing an optimized and sustainable solution to tailor-fit the cloud migration needs of an organization is solely the forte of a competent cloud consulting partner.

Deep exposure to the real-world problems

Through constant research and innovation, the good cloud partners are ever-evolving in terms of their implementation methods. They have significant experience at dealing with the unique set of situations and problems their clients bring to them. This updates them with newer approaches of cloud implementation and a large pool of exclusive solutions that can fulfill their clients’ needs.

Conducive to the critical in-house IT operations

Based on the size and nature of its IT environment, the cloud migration process of an organization can take anywhere from several days to several weeks. Engaging the in-house IT team in the process can prove detrimental to their routine IT operations. No business can afford to implement their cloud migration at the cost of their critical routine operations. This makes it imperative to rope in an expert consulting partner to take care of the process.

Thus, implementing a custom-fit solution to take a business on the cloud is more of an art, mastered by expert cloud consulting partners. Every start-up should understand that cloud infrastructure is an essential element of their business strategy. So if you’re a start-up business and are ready to take your business over the cloud don’t go there alone. Hire expert cloud consulting partners to make the most of their experience. These consultants usually on-board the engineers certified to work on various cloud platforms by the leading cloud providers. They handhold you through the entire process right from the ground work for per-migration up to the environmental maintenance. This will help you ensure that your start up enjoys a successful journey moving to the cloud.

Carmatec Cloud teams have been working on building cutting-edge solutions across SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to give you the much needed confidence by setting up a road map for managing successful cloud migration, development, integration and administration services through our cloud consulting services.