Carmatec attended HostingCon 2012

September 13, 2012

Carmatec attended HostingCon 2012 held at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston. The best and the brightest companies and delegates visited this conference with great enthusiasm and made the event a great success.

About 1,900 delegates from 30 countries attended the conference which was spread over a period of three days. In these three days there were educational discussions and panel presentations in four tracks: Industry Trends, Technology, Management and Sales and Marketing.

Carmatec played its part in participating at the HostingCon and made it a point that we visit our customers in person. It was an ecstatic experience with all the gems of the hosting industry under one roof. Carmatec distributed its brochures with the HostingCon 2012 offer included and met some potential clients.

The major motivator for Carmatec to attend HostingCon was the never-ending urge to be in sync with the Industry and its latest trends. We have always focused on learning, staying abreast with the technological advancements and building inter-personal communication and understanding with our clients and customers.

HostingCon this year was an absolutely fun filled, informative and delightful place to be in. The Carmatec team greatly enjoyed the entire conference and our gains in terms of connecting with our clients and productive relationship building was priceless. Looking forward to another great HostingCon next year at Austin, Texas.